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Safety and Environment

Approach Methodology of the Organization (M.A.G.O)

The M.A.G.O methodology is basically oriented to the integral awareness of the problems to be dealt with.
The experience of almost 30 years in large companies, holdings, small and mid size companies and the public sector has allowed me to observe as a “common restriction”, preventing the finding of real solutions, the partial surveys deriving in incomplete diagnosis.
This occurs because there is an issue or problem to provide a solution outside the context or there is an attempt to solve part of the problem without considering its integration with a more complex situation.
Generally, these “solutions” do not derive in the expected result and do not solve the problem but create other problems, in some cases more serious than the original problem.
The correct compliance with the M.A.G.O. methodology is based on the idea that reality is a “Holon” (whole) and, therefore, the survey and diagnosis must be COMPREHENSIVE.
Once the survey and the diagnosis have been developed with the Owner/Main Shareholder /Top Executive of the organization, an ACTION PLAN is agreed upon and, if applicable, the necessary physical and human resources are selected and hired to develop the plan.

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